Claire has worked with my son Jack since before he started 5th grade. This year Jack is entering 11th grade and we can't imagine our life without her. Claire helps him with skills and tools to address his dyslexia, organization, time management and so many other skills necessary to succeed in his education and life. She is a loving, dedicated educator who deeply cares about her students. She is always many steps ahead of Jack and understands his needs. Because of her, Jack has so much more confidence in himself and has a person who understands him and makes his education a better experience. Claire is changing lives one student at a time and we're extremely thankful to have her in ours!

--Petra Nesvara, parent

I cannot recommend Claire Dickson more highly as an educator and tutor.  I have known Claire in several capacities throughout her career and have truly never met an educator so devoted to ensuring that not only are her students’ needs met completely but that they also find immense joy in learning.  Ms. Dickson has a keen skill in differentiating lessons to individual needs, whether that be adjusting the level of content, instructional method or simply the delivery model.  She is a smart, creative, outside the box thinker who wants every child she works with to embrace the fun and excitement of learning new things and in persisting through a challenge.  Any family would be most fortunate to have Claire as their child’s teacher.  


--Justina Carney, Principal, Arapahoe Elementary School, Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Claire Dickson's passion and energy for both learning and teaching allow her to reach kids in ways beyond what a conventional classroom can. She strives for excellence from all students, but truly understands that each child is an individual, and crafts her teaching to allow each child to reach her highest potential. She is organized, timely, and most of all, a huge breath of fresh air. She helps kids see the value in learning and provides ways for that learning to connect meaningfully into their worlds. Claire has been one of the most positive learning influences that both of my children have experienced. 

--Kris Sornson, parent

Claire has worked with our son for the past four years; her positive attitude and love of teaching keeps our son motivated, encouraged, and believing in himself.  Her use of the Orton Gillingham methodology combined with her command of the English language and grammar has given him skills to grow as both a reader and writer. She makes learning fun and is constantly thinking of new ways to engage him and help him grow as both a student and an individual.


--Kim Unicume, parent

We first met Claire when she was our son’s pre-school teacher and her energy and light was contagious. When she moved on to elementary school, we looked forward to having her as a teacher once again. We were very disappointed when she made the decision to leave our elementary school and become a private tutor. Looking back, we cannot imagine what life would have been like if she had not made that decision and thus a year later had become our son’s tutor, working with him through middle school and part of his high school journey.


There are different reasons that a parent may want a tutor. Our concern that our son would slide quietly through middle and high school, missing things but not enough for the teachers to notice. Our son Chance was quiet, more introverted, slower to engage in class and with his teachers. Generally considered bookish by his peers, he enjoyed creating with his hands and with words. We wanted to make sure that he was challenged to do his best work, that he learned to learn to manage his time, study for tests, do research, find his passion, express himself, and that someone had his back academically.


Claire provided on-going, year around support. She got to know our son’s learning style – auditory, linear, and slightly argumentative or Socratic, passions - Youtube, areas of struggle (lack of organization and impatient with revision) and where he excelled – reading, writing, science. During the school year she pushed him to do his best, expecting him to perform to the level she knew he could and not just get by with good enough. She urged him to take pride in who he could be as a student now and for the future. She nurtured, at different times, his love of writing, science, and all things video. During the summer, she would research the things that he said he was interested in to help incorporate them in to learning projects – a liquid nitrogen based freeze gun; how to build a water propelled water rocket. She helped him get his poems for English bound into a book and assisted him with submitting a story to Creative Writing website for publication. And of course, summer reading assignments and review of areas that he may have missed during the school year, and SAT prep. And even since moving away from us, she has made herself available to provide support and feedback to him and us. More than anything she worked in helping him have the skills to be an independent learner; to continue on a path towards success even when she was not there because they had practiced over and over the skills that he would continue to use throughout his high school years and beyond.


The parent should know that Claire is a Jack of All Trades from math to reading and writing skills, teaching independence and independent thought; motivating through her enthusiasm, sense of humor, endless patience, and passion for her work, and her commitment to see each youth succeed. She spends a great deal of time designing a tutoring program to fit your child/teen. She researches their ideas and interests to provide enrichment learning and she liaisons with schools/teachers in order to help your child better understand the academic expectations. She is a communicator. She is extremely organized and provides regular feedback at the end of a session in person if you are there or written if you are not. She will work tirelessly for your child/teen's success. She will require commitment and hard work and respect and patience. You will all be on the same team, and it will be great!


--Bethany Baker, parent

Parent/Educator Perspectives