Where do you meet with students?

We will travel to your home to provide the convenience of in-home, one-on-one tutoring. We also offer the option of meeting at the local library or in a public outdoor setting. Virtual sessions are also available

Frequently Asked Questions


How frequently do I need to schedule sessions?

Because every student's needs are unique, the frequency of session depends on the learning plan we develop.  Students who are enrolled in school typically have 1-2 sessions per week; home-schooled or students who use distance learning typically meet more frequently. 

What do virtual sessions look like? 
We utilize digital platforms such as Google Classroom and Zoom while incorporating online whiteboards such as Jamboard. With Orton Gillingham lessons and others that require more hands on learning, a package with helpful supplies and materials will be dropped off or mailed. Every student is unique, and each situation is differentiated depending on needs.